Friday, November 25, 2011


Upon one of my hunts for vintage clothing and jewelry, I came across a place called Kudzu Antique Market, it is amazing. The place is bursting at the seams with vintage jewelry, clothing, and everything else antique. It has been there for years and it has almost a museum quality to it in the way of everything there being very unique. Every room has its own special quality and theme, one room would be filled with fur coats and shoes, while another would be filled with funky 60's furniture, or records from throughout the years. Every object there was a good find. I must have spent at least two hours in there, and I only came out with one necklace, even though I wanted to buy a million things! It was a wonderful and fun place to go, and I will definitely keep going back! 

Any Comments?

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  1. Love the fur and vintage inspiration!-Jessica