Friday, October 28, 2011


Last night I went to the most amazing concert that I have ever been to. They are my favorite band and incredible musicians and If you don't know who they are you are missing out!! They are called Beirut, they play amazing music that will change your life. So last night was their concert and it was incredible! I got there really early so that I could make sure that I was close, and I was! I was standing probably two rows from the stage and the music and energy just consumed me. It was amazing. So after the mind blowing concert I really wanted to meet the lead singer, who also plays a million instruments, Zach Condon. So I dashed into the parking lot over to where the bus was and I see him about to get into the bus, so now Im yelling like a crazy person "wait! wait!!" and he does.  I feel bad for causing a huge scene because the next thing you know there are a million girls around! He was so nice though and didn't seem to mind, he even waited through my mom trying to figure out the camera and accidentally taking a video! So I got a rather funny picture with him and he also signed my CD! So here are some pictures from the concert, and if you don't know Beirut, look them up!

Me and Zach Condon! I was so excited, hence why I look overly ecstatic! 

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