Monday, October 10, 2011

Im Back!

So sorry that I have disappeared for the past few days! I was not feeling well, then I went to the beach and was preoccupied! In addition to everything that has been going on around me, I have been thinking a lot about this summer, fashion, art, and everything else. I just visited one of my friends from RISD and it made me miss everything, and everyone so much! It is so frustrating being a junior in high school and having to focus on putting all of my time and energy into things that frankly I do not care about and really don't want to be doing. Also, It is horrible having no time what so ever to express any of my creative energy. It is stressful because this is the time that I am supposed to be really working and perfecting my skills, but when you don't have any time It can really get pretty aggravating! I am an art student, I love fashion and art and that Is what I want to spend all of my energy on again. I want to focus on the things that I love and the things that are going to be valuable to me in my life and not these things that will be valuable for someone who wants to live a life that is polar opposite to the one I want. I have less than two years left stuck in this position, and while that may not seem like a lot of time It feels like a million years! I am good at being creative, not being stuck in this factory like system that they call high school. I know that I must still continue to focus and work hard on the things I don't want to be doing but Its a lot harder that I thought It would be. But I am going to jump the hurdle and look at it as one of the many obstacles that I will have to face in my life. I have drive and I know what I want and I am not going to let anything get in my way, especially high school. I am an artist I am a designer and I will be creative!

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