Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Next Project

As the fall season begins to emerge so does my next project. I have decided to make a coat! I first decided to make a coat when I was at RISD this summer and we went to the fabric store where I found this amazing blue, black, and white tweed fabric. It was just so cozy and beautiful that I knew that was what I had to do with it! It is my first coat and I do have to admit that I am rather nervous, but I'm the type of person that 1) does not let a challenge pass her by and 2) believes that it is better to learn by doing. So I am just going to jump into the project and hope that everything turns out well! So here is my design for my first coat ever! Wish me luck! 

Comments? Or Criticism? (I would love to hear it!) 


  1. I think the ribbon feather collar would look really nice! And tweed would be perfect for fall :) Good luck!

  2. Thank you! Im excited to see how it turns out!