Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Work

 These are a few projects that I was assigned while spending my summer at the pre-college program at RISD

This project was called "The Personal Vision Project". The assignment was to create a line consisting of three pieces, a mood board, and swatch board to go along with it. My line was strongly inspired by the 20's, and peacocks. Now I didn't want to go and make three purple and green flapper dresses but I really wanted to express the feel of the twenties in my clothes, the fun and glamour aspects. I dont like to take my inspirations literally because I feel that it limits my range of design options. As for the peacock inspiration I was thinking more about their natural elegance and beauty and the way that they move (even though peacocks are supposed to be rather vicious creatures, but like I said I'm not taking this literally!) as well as their beautiful colored feathers. Thats why If you take a look at the mood board you will see things like flappers, peacocks, and various symbols of glamour. 

 Any Comments or Criticism? 

This project was called "The Barbie Project". The assignment was to create a look and an inspiration board for a Barbie doll. My Inspiration was 30's Murder mystery. So I made a mini sleeveless trench coat with a fur collar, and a simple slip dress. I decided to make the coat sleeveless when I was sitting In my dorm frustrated that I had to make the worlds smallest sleeve out of fabric that enjoyed fraying every two seconds, and then I looked at the coat and said to my self, wait a minute this looks much more updated with out the sleeves, and it does! I felt that it sort of modernized it (and I was really sick of the mini sleeve making!) So this is what I came up with! My little 30's detective Barbie. 

 Any Comments? 


  1. The trench coat does look really nice sleeveless :)Wow the dresses with the peacock feathers look amazing!

  2. LOVE IT! -Jessica