Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Left My Heart at RISD

I often reference my summer at RISD where I studied fashion design, but I realize that I never gave any details about it or what I did there. Well, this summer was a life changing experience that I will never forget. Not only did I learn a lot about fashion and art, but I also learned a lot about my self. This summer was when I knew that I had to be in fashion and I could never do anything else. Before I went to RISD I knew I wanted to be in fashion, but the flame for my passion of designing was slowly dying. The moment I got to RISD and was living and breathing art and fashion design the flame grew rapidly inside of me. I was automatically filled with inspiration and creative energy (I probably sound crazy, but ask anyone who has a passion for anything and they will know exactly what I am talking about). When I say fashion makes me crazy, I really mean it. I was up till at least 3:30 AM each day working, yet I have never felt so energized.  I was walking around like a crazy person most of the time, my hair looked crazy, I never had any make up on, yet I miss looking like a mess all the time because it was worth it. (This from a girl who's look is always pulled together.) I was making things that I have never been more proud of and I was surrounded by people that became my family and they are the best friends that I have ever had. (To the Fam... I miss you all and love you like crazy!) Everyone there was filled with creativity and joy about what they were doing, they all had a passion inside of them. It was inspiring. RISD was an amazing experience and I am sure that I will tell you more about it again.

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